Tank Abandonment Chicago

Tank Abandonment Chicago

Is abandoning my underground storage tank a good idea?

For many owners and operators of commercial properties with underground storage tanks the difficult question that arises from time to time is; should  I remove my underground storage tank or should I just abandon it? In many cases the removal of underground storage tanks are required by state authorities such as the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal.  The problem with removing some tanks is that they can be located in a difficult to reach areas or they may be located in close proximity to structures, underground utilities, or existing in use underground storage tanks.  Only the Office of the State Fire Marshal can grant and issue a permit for closure in place or tank abandonment.

What is less costly, tank abandonment or tank removal?

In most cases tank removal is less expensive and the best overall option especially if you ever plan on selling the property.  An abandoned tank on a property also could have contamination issues and any potential buyer or lender will be hesitant in dealing with this liability.  In this case the tank and any associated contamination must be removed. One benefit of tank abandonment is that underground tank abandonment minimizes the amount restoration that is required of the property.

What is involved in preforming a Tank Abandonment Chicago?

A typical tank abandonment involves the following steps:

  1. Product (fuel, oil or any type of hazardous material) is removed from the tank being abandoned.
  2. Tanktop is removed with a backhoe with some hand-digging  if necessary to get to hard to reach places.
  3. Top layer of metal on the abandoned tank is cut away and and a hole large enough for a man to get inside & clean the abandoned tank.
  4. All sludge and or liquids are removed from the tank via vac truck and remaining sludges can be drummed & disposed of at a later date.
  5. The remaining tank is filled with a slurry of concrete and pea gravel then all vent pipes & fill pipes are disconnected and removed.

For more information on Tank Abandonment Chicago, please check out the link below.

Illinois EPA

Or you can contact Eagle Environmental Consultants to discuss what best suits your needs.  Call 630-346-5551 to schedule a site visit.

This blog article has been updated on March 5, 2020 and is current with all new Illinois OSFM Fire Marshal Regulations.

Chicago Tank Abandonment

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