Environmental Remediation in Chicago

Remediation – Cleaning Up Contaminated Properties

Environmental Remediation In Chicago – What is Environmental Remediation?

Environmental remediation is the removal of pollution or contaminants from water (both ground water and surface water) and soil. These waste products are removed for the protection of human health, as well as to restore the environment. Remediation restores brownfield sites either for redevelopment or to return them to their natural state. Sites that have been used to dispose of hazardous waste present a unique challenge to clean up.

Known as “the City that works,” Chicago has a long history of getting work done. Unfortunately, that also means Chicago has a long history of contaminated soil, leaking underground storage tanks and abandoned industrial sites that need to be cleaned up before progress on those properties can continue. According to an article from the Chicago Sun Times, written February 22, 2021, there were over 3,800 toxic sites in just Southeast Cook County alone! Many of these sites were former gas stations, dry cleaners and old factories.

Why should I Clean Up My Property?

Buyers, sellers and lenders are looking more closely at properties with environmental issues for several reasons.  Regulatory reforms, such as clearer due diligence guidelines, are reducing property owners’ liability and increasing protection for them. Improved remediation techniques and risk assessments make it easier to clean up contaminated properties. 

These changes make the risks associated with environmentally impaired sites more manageable than ever, encouraging more buyers. While this does not necessarily mean higher purchase prices for seller, it gives them more options concerning remediation decisions.  

How can Eagle Environmental Consultants Help?

The first step in the process would be to perform a Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessment




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