What is Environmental Due Diligence in Chicago?

EDD is the process of assessing the environmental conditions of a property in connection with a property merger or acquisition (MA) so that investors are aware of the potential environmental liabilities.

A Partnership between Private Equity & Consultants

What does private equity (PE) need from an environmental consulting partner? Added confidence, reduced risk, easy access to insights and experts, all in support of positive outcomes — successful bids, tangible growth plans and maximizing returns on completion. In the Chicago area, much of commercial and environmental due diligence is undertaken on behalf of corporations or private equity firms. However, a third party consulting firm is usually hired to conduct the actual process. The type of consultant this article will be discussing in this case is an environmental consultant

The professionals at Eagle Environmental Consultants have over 30 years of combined experience and has worked alongside private equity clients to provide comprehensive support across the full transaction cycle. Our support ranges from identifying attractive properties to environmental due diligence, portfolio company value growth and exit support. Today we are one of the most experienced strategy consulting firms serving private equity firms in the Chicagoland Market.

Our work with PE draws on our expertise in business strategy consulting, performance improvement advice, long standing partnerships in the industry and deep industry knowledge. We deliver forward-looking strategic insights with the singular aim of helping clients achieve superior investment returns.

Our transaction support includes exceptional responsiveness and support across a range of transactions from multimillion dollar deals to mid-market and growth capital investments. We work with a wide range of PE clients and they tell us that they value our ability to provide rapid access to insights based our experience in strategy work in the relevant industry and perspective from other related markets around the US.

Eagle Environmental Consultants can work with your organization from assessment all the way through clean-up. For more information or if you have any  questions, please click here or call (630)346-5551. 

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