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Environmental Project Manager

Qualifications Required

Currently looking for an experienced environmental project manager with at least 3 years of working with the Illinois LUST fund. The individual should have strong written, oral and research skills and must be abe to perform sampling, report writing and reimbursement submittals.

Reports to include:

  • 20 and 45 Day reports
  • Stage 1, 2 & 3 Investigation Completion Reports
  • Correction Action Plans
  • Reimbursement Submittals

Job Duties of an Environmental Project Manager 

The Environmental Project Manager (PM) is responsible for a varied number of duties throughout the work day. Typically they oversee projects and interact with environmental agencies such as the Illinois EPA and Illinois State Fire Marshal. When employed by a contractor, the environmental (PM) manages permitting, compliance and mitigation related to construction projects. Working for an environmental consulting firm might entail monitoring well drillers and utility locators.

Additional environmental PM duties include interpreting permits and other environmental documents, as well as developing compliance assurance plans and inspection procedures. They often have expertise regarding permits and regulations; submitting documents properly is vital to obtaining project approval.

Environmental PMs consult with internal and external scientists, engineers and regulators to plan projects. Other daily job duties might include: prepping project proposals and budgets; directing necessary research; communicating  with management on project status; and hiring sub contractors.

An environmental project manager usually works from a company office; however, they may spend over 50% of their time in the field. A 40-hour work week is standard. The qualified candidate must have experience in working with the Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund and Illinois EPA program.

Salary and Benefits 

This Eagle Environmental Employment opportunity is a Full Time position offering a competitive salary and bonus. Full medical, dental and 401(k). If you meet the requirements listed above and are interested please email a resume to brad.schumacher@illinoisenvironmentalconsultants.com.

Company Bio 

Eagle Environmental Consultants is a leading environmental consulting firm that prides itself it providing a fun and engaging atmosphere where all employees have a say in how we service our clients. We believe our employees are our greatest asset and we strive to provide a professional, comfortable and safe work environment. 

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Environmental Project Manager
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