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NOV to Remove Tanks

NOV Remove Tanks  NOV Remove Tanks is not something an owner or operator of an Underground Storage Tanks wants to see when the Fire Marshal inspects their fuel facility.  An NOV stands for Notice of Violation and when you get one it’s a serious matter.   The next action taken by the owner/operator to address the NOV is extremely important. Communication with the Fire Marshal is highly reccomended and developing a plan immediately will be vital.

The Notice – NOV Remove Tanks is issued when certain conditions are not met.  They may include but are not limited to the following:  Out of Service Tank, Failed Tank Lining Inspection, or Cathodic Protection Not Maintained.  Whatever the reason, the tanks must be removed.

In some instances removing the underground storage tanks is not possible due to the location and size of the tanks.  In this case a Tank Abandonment or Abandonment In Place is your only option

The OSFM – Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy 

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) is the state agency responsible for regulating the tanks and within the OSFM, the Division of Petroleum & Chemical Safety manages the problems caused by the thousands of underground storage tank systems containing petroleum or hazardous chemicals. The division is the primary regulator of petroleum and chemical storage tanks through registration to ensure the protection of public health and safety.

Due to widespread use and propensity for leakage, Underground Storage Tanks are considered a significant risk to tank owners/operators, as well as prospective property buyers that may be unaware of abandoned and undocumented USTs.

Once you Receive a NOV Remove Tanks -Do Not Ignore, Delay or Postpone or you could be fined!

Below is a sample letter that owners/operators of underground storage tanks get when they Do Not address the situation of  an NOV to Remove Tanks.

Re:       Fire Marshal Order dated May 23rd, 2017

Facility No. 1-0000001/Cook County

Dear Mr. Fuel Facility Owner:

The Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has asked the Attorney General’s Office to enforce an Administrative Order issued against you on May 23, 2017 for the underground storage tank (UST) system at the above-referenced facility. According to the information provided by the OSFM, you did not appeal the Administrative Order and you have subsequently failed to comply with that order by removing the UST system or taking other necessary corrective action. A copy of the Administrative Order is enclosed. The Gasoline Storage Act imposes fines of at least $1,000 per day for the failure to comply with an Administrative Order.

Again, communication with the OSFM  is highly advisable  and the professionals there can assist you in getting started.  Removing  an Underground Storage Tank doesn’t have to be complicated.  The OSFM website has a list of licensed tank removal companies qualified to do the job.  It is  important to find the right company to preform the removal and any associated Site Assessment that will be required.

Many companies are licensed to remove Underground Storage Tanks but few have the extensive experience  in both the removal and environmental aspect.

Eagle Environmental Consultants, LLC is one of the few companies who can handle the entire process. From the tank removal to the environmental assessment and everything in between.  As we like to say, “we’ve got you covered from the cradle to the grave.”  The entire project will be handled by our in-house team and no portion of the job will be subcontracted out to another company!

For more information on our services or to discuss your NOV please call or text us at 630-346-5551.


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Using the Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund

Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund  Many owners of underground storage tanks elect to nothing with their tanks unless forced to by the local and state agencies such as the Office of the State Fire Marshal or the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. Unfortunately for these facility owners this can be a costly proposition when there is a major problem like a leaking underground storage tank.  What many owners don’t know is that there is a fund – Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund to help.

Leaking underground storage tanks pose a major issue with soil and water contamination. These issues must be dealt with quickly and efficiently to prevent further contamination to surrounding areas. Once contamination has been controlled the next process is remediation. What started off as a simple tank removal can easily turn into a full scale clean-up.

Depending on the quantity and size of the tanks, removal costs for owners of underground storage tanks can be in the tens of thousands of dollars or more.  These costs can escalate depending on the severity of leak.

Another issue confronting facility owners is knowing whom to hire for the tank removal. Contractors in states such as Illinois must possess a tank decommissioning license to preform any removals however, tank removal companies are not technically proficient in handling the site assessment which is required in many cases to make sure there was no leakage during the removal process. Once the tank(s) are removed a site assessment must be preformed by an environmental contractor.

Some states have a fund set up to help pay for all these expenses and in Illinois it is called the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST)Fund.  If contamination is found the fund can cover the cost of removal and clean-up less a $5,000 deductible.

The Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Take Fund is one of very few Funds in the Midwest that helps clean up problems with Leaking Underground Storage Tanks.  This Fund was created to make sure we don’t contaminate our groundwater in the State of Illinois.  Importantly, it also provides reimbursement for Tank Removals, Excavate Transport and Dispose of Contaminated Soil, Sampling and Reports.  It also includes the remediation of offsite properties which can alleviate any future law suits. Owners of Underground Storage Tanks must hire an Environmental Consultant who can represent the Client and navigate them successfully through the Illinois Leaking Underground Storage Tank Fund.   One such company – Eagle Environmental Consultants, LLC has helped clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars and is one most experienced and trusted LUST Consultants in the State of Illinois.