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The professionals at Eagle Environmental Consultants have helped more owners and operators in Underground Storage Tank Removal than any other consultant in the Chicago Area. The reason: we take a potentially complex situation and provide easily understandable solutions that save our clients substantial amounts of money.  From small gas stations to large freight companies, we have removed underground storage tanks and provided environmental site assessments to properties throughout the Chicagoland Area and the State of Illinois.  We are Underground Storage Tank Removal Chicago Illinois.

Underground Storage Tank Removal Chicago Illinois utilizing (LUST) Fund 

Underground Storage Tank Removal Chicago IllinoisThe State of Illinois created the Lust Fund to help pay for costly tank removals and contamination clean-ups from leaking underground storage tanks.  Since 1989 the Fund has saved owners and operators in Illinois over ONE Billion Dollars!  As the leader in LUST Consulting in Illinois, the staff at Eagle Environmental Consultants has over 25 years of experience in working with the Illinois LUST Fund.  Our familiarity of working with the agency that oversees the Fund, the Illinois EPA allows us to remediate your site quickly and cost effectively.

Professionals that can help you navigate the ever-changing Regulatory Environment 

Under Ground Storage Tank Removal ChicagoAre you concerned with all the new changes to the laws & regulations that can effect your fuel facility?  Local, state and federal regulations are changing at an alarming rate.
Owning and operating a facility with underground fuel tanks in Illinois has never been more difficult. Due to common use and propensity for leakage, USTs can pose significant risks to tank owners/operators.  Different agencies such as the Illinois Office of the State Fire Marshal, Illinois EPA and the Illinois Emergency Management Agency all play an important role in determining how you handle a leaking underground storage tank. Eagle Environmental Consultants and Underground Storage Tank Removal Chicago Illinois have become synonymous.

Key Questions every UST owner/operator should be asking:

  • Is my facility being properly maintained?

  • Do I have a plan if I suspect a leaking tank(s) or had a fuel spill and who should I call?

  • Who can I call to remove or abandon an underground fuel tank?

  • Who do I contact if I get a notice of violation (NOV) to remove my tank(s)?

Knowing who to call and when is very important. Failure to act quickly and properly can lead to significant liability to an owner/operator of a facility.  Leaks from USTs can seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater, the source of drinking water for many people living in Illinois.  Spills, leaks and overfills can also flow into lakes, rivers and streams where the oil or chemicals can harm people and the environment, including wildlife, fish and plant life. 

In the case of an NOV from the Illinois Fire Marshal (OSFM), failure to respond in a timely manner may result in a fine from the State of Illinois.

If you suspect any issues with your underground fuel tanks including a UST Release please contact us or if you just have general questions regarding your facility please call the professionals at Eagle Environmental Consultants at 630-346-5551.

Underground Storage Tank Removal Chicago Illinois